March News: Volunteering opportunities… and “Dobb in a mate or Yourself”!

Volunteers/Helping Hands
The Featherston Community Centre is looking for volunteers who want to help the centre operate. We are looking for people who are interested in helping with:
• working on the front desk during the week to enable the hours the centre is open to be extended
• filing, data enry and general office administration
• garden/building ‘working bees’ once/twice a year
• computer/website advice/support to the Centre Manager
• working on the Marketing/Communication, Building or Grounds or Finance sub committees
• or even becoming a Board member
If you have enthusiasm, skills/talents and want to give a helping hand- contact the Featherston Community Centre Manager, on ph: 06 308 8239, or email and discuss your/our ideas! We look forward to hearing from you!

The “Dobb in a Mate or Yourself” Speaker’s Corner Winter Series
The FCC is looking for presenters for 2013 Speakers Corner winter series. Every year, the Featherston Community Centre (FCC) holds a “Speakers Corner”. The Speakers Corners involves having a speaker once a month over winter (up to six speakers a season) at the centre presenting a 1-1/2 hour talk/show on something they are knowledgeable/passionate about.
This is your chance to “Dob in a mate or yourself” as a speaker for the series. If you have mate (with their permission!) or even yourself that you want to ‘dob in’ as a presenter, or you have an idea for Speakers Corner that you want the FCC to see if it can organise contact Sonya on ph 021 302 585. The FCC looks forward to hearing from you.


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