Juice up your Saturdays at Featherston Community Centre!

Feldenkrais into Yoga – new moves to take you deeper/higher

Starting 24 November yoga teacher Odette Rowe will team up with resident movement expert Rupert Watson in a new Saturday morning exercise programme at Featherston Community Centre. Drawing on Odette’s extensive experience of yoga, the session will also focus on safe ways to work in traditional yoga poses by utilising Rupert’s background in the Feldenkrais movement field. This will be a great way for people to get started in yoga, or to deepen the practice of those already involved.

Based on a course currently underway at the Feldenkrais Institute in New York, this is quite literally a national first for Featherston. This course will deliberately use one to improve the other.

Time: 10am – 11.30

Cost: $15 per session.

Note: Rupert’s regular Feldenkrais movement class will still happen, but a bit earlier – from 9.15 to 10: smoothly moving into the yoga session for those who want to do both.

Check out our What’s On page for more information on the November timetable: https://featherstoncomcen.wordpress.com/whats-on-2/



One response to “Juice up your Saturdays at Featherston Community Centre!

  1. Yay! So great to see yoga back at the Centre! Enjoy, used to love doing the final “corpse” pose in the main room on a sunny Saturday morning with the birds chirping away 🙂

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